Treatment for Movement Disorders

How Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute Can Help

There are a variety of neurological conditions that can lead to movement disorders. These disorders are very frightening and concerning for the patient and their families, and it is important that testing be done to determine what treatment can be used to alleviate or resolve the condition.

The testing in such cases of often extensive, including family history, medical history, and imaging tests such as MRI or PET (positron emission topography) scans in order to determine what is causing the movement disorder. There are often found conditions such as nerve disorders or inflammation, brain tumors, aneurysms or other condition that when treated will resolve or reduce the affects of the condition.

You need to get tested today!

As a movement disorder often is an indicator of another underlying serious condition, getting tested at once is vital for the health of the patient. Our medical team is prepared to investigate and find the source of the movement disorder and determine what treatment can be applied to the case. Our neurosurgeons and diagnostic experts will thoroughly test and advise the patient and their families of the recommended treatment and expected possible outcomes in the specific case.

As these movement disorders can indicate a serious underlying condition, the testing should be undertaken on an immediate basis. If another serious brain condition exists that has lead to the condition, this is an urgent medical matter that demands investigation of the cause at once.

Conditions such as brain tumors or other conditions that have put pressure on vital nerve channels are often treatable. Our medical team has the most current and least invasive treatments that can be applied to even the most serious of brain or nerve conditions and can assist the patient by applying the treatment that is indicated in the case at hand.