Treatment for Cranial Disorders

Cranial nerve disorders have a spectrum of symptoms that can affect the patient, depending upon what nerve is affected. In pursuing a possible cranial nerve disorder, testing must be done to determine the condition and specifically which nerves have been affected.

The diagnosis of the condition requires intensive investigation in order to determine what nerves are affected and what treatment can be applied by the neurosurgery medical team at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute.

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When the medical team suspects that a cranial nerve disorder may exist due to symptoms being suffered by the patient, whether eyesight, hearing, movement or other indicator that leads to considering this possibility, they will apply a number of tests to determine which set of nerves is affected. This can include eyesight testing and other physical tests to measure the nerve response in the patient. When it is determined that the patients suffers from the condition, a variety of treatments can be implemented to attempt to reduce or alleviate the problem, depending on the case.

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As the symptoms for this condition can be very painful, such as sudden and excruciating pain in the facial area, unexplained eye motions or types of paralysis such as Bell’s Palsy, the condition can be not only painful but the disturbance can affect the appearance of the patient. The medical team at Chapman Medical Center makes every effort to determine the source of the condition and to advise a treatment plan to alleviate the condition.

The treatments can include microsurgery and others in the effort to reduce the irritation or pressure on the nerves that has created the nerve disturbance.

Our medical team has extensive experience in the treatment of cranial nerve disorders and can assist those who suffer from this frightening condition. For more information on how Chapman Medical Center can help you, contact our office today and schedule a consultation with our trusted medical staff.