The Use of Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion

Facts About Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion

The surgical procedure for a spinal condition used to be complex, lengthy and painful. Long hospital stays and prolonged rehabilitation is the norm for standard lumbar fusion surgery. With the new technology of Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion known as XLIF® many of the debilitating effects of cutting back muscles and having to remove bone to reach the area needed can be eliminated.

The use of XLIF® avoids the necessity of moving organs and major blood vessels, which is the normal procedure for this type of surgery. With this safe and minimally invasive procedure, recovery for a patient is made much shorter, simpler and easier with less pain involved.

The XLIF procedure can be utilized for varying types of spinal problems which include such diseases as:

The surgery entails the use of a small incision in the side of the waist region. Special tubular retractors are used to enter the back area and expose the disc, which is removed and a spacer made of polyethylene inserted into the disc space. With the use of fluoroscopy, a surgeon is able to monitor the correct position and placement of the spacer.

Following the surgery, recovery can be quickly made, with a hospital stay of one or two days. Most patients are able to begin walking within a day after the surgery and return to normal activities shortly thereafter.

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The XLIF® procedure for treating spinal conditions has immense benefits for those active individuals who are suffering from spine diseases. By using our talented spinal surgeons using this innovative treatment, our patients at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute have the benefit of innovative spinal surgery, usually resulting in shorter recovery times and better surgical outcomes.