Spine Conditions

There are many different medical conditions and injuries that may affect the spine and back. These conditions require the immediate diagnosis and treatment of a skilled spine doctor if a patient is to have the chance at making as complete a recovery as possible.

At Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute (CNIS), our medical team is committed to providing our patients with the cutting edge treatment necessary to treat all types of spine conditions. We are constantly on the lookout for new and less invasive treatment options that offer our clients the same or better results with significantly shorter recovery times. If you need spine surgery, it is important to fully understand your treatment options. CNIS utilizes the latest techniques in laser spine surgery, spinal fusion, bulging disc treatment, lumbar discectomy, lumbar decompression, ruptured disk treatment, cervical surgery, and kyphoplasty. A spine specialist at CNIS can discuss your condition and your options in regard to any of the following spine conditions:

Spine Surgery for Patients in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Diego and San Bernardino County

Any medical condition or injury affecting the spine may cause a great deal of pain, limited mobility and other serious problems. With our medical team to offer you the treatment that only an experienced spine surgeon can provide, you may be able to face a better, brighter future – with less invasive back surgery options and a medical staff dedicated to protecting your wellbeing. Our spine specialists serve patients throughout all of Southern California, including in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Orange Counties.