Spinal Cord Compression Treatment in Southern California

Symptoms of Spinal Cord Compression

The spinal cord is ordinarily protected by the bones of the spine, but sudden impacts or other conditions can lead to the nerve bundle being bruised, damaged or compressed. This can result in a variety of uncomfortable or dangerous conditions that should be tested and treated at the Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute. Our spinal injury medical team has extensive testing procedures to determine the damage and to seek out the least invasive and most current treatments for spinal cord compression cases. Some of the symptoms that are experienced in this type of injury can include numbness, lack of ability in motion, pain, muscle weakness, a tingling sensation, or in more serious cases, loss of sensation, bladder control or other symptom.

Treating Spinal Cord Compression in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego

The first step in treatment of Spinal Cord Compression is a series of tests to determine what part of the spinal cord has been affected. MRI’s are the usual standard to view the area affected and determine the degree of damage to the nerves. In some cases CT scan or X-ray is also part of the testing procedure as well as a simple testing by the doctor at an injury site to determine the area of damage. Often the underlying physical condition can be a herniated disk, bleeding, an abscess or the growth of an unsuspected tumor that is compressing the nerves in the spinal cord. As many of these conditions are very serious, it is important that if suffering from any symptom that indicates spinal cord compression be immediately investigated in order to take measures to avoid further damage to the patient.

Our medical team has extensive knowledge and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord compression cases and can assist patients who are seeking a resolution of a serious symptom that indicates this condition. The most up-to-date treatments are available and we always seek to find the least invasive procedures to resolve this condition for our patients.

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