Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy Procedure

Cervical Foraminotomy in Orange County

Posterior cervical foraminotomy is a minimally invasive surgery which is used to remedy cervical disc protrusions. Disc protrusions can cause may put pressure on nerves and cause pain in the arms. A posterior cervical foraminotomy is preferred by some surgeons over other types of surgery for cervical disc protrusions as has excellent results and bypasses some of the shortcomings of other surgeries.

Cervical disc problems can cause pain which radiates down the arm. In some cases cervical disc protrusions do not require surgery and other alternatives are sufficient to remedy the problem. If surgery is required, however, posterior cervical foraminotomy is minimally invasive and the surgeon will be attempting to enlarge the space through which the nerve root exits the spinal column. Simultaneously, they will be trying to remove any part of the disc which may be pressing on the nerve.

This procedure may be done in one day but most patients prefer to stay in the hospital for about 2 days. The patient is given general anesthesia and the surgery is begun through a small incision. After the opening through which the nerve passes is enlarged, and the piece of disc which was affecting the nerve is removed, the surgery is complete. The entire process usually takes about under 2 hours. Arm pain may be considerably relieved after surgery while numbness may take longer to reach full recovery.

Are you considering a surgical procedure to deal with pain?

A tear in the intervertebral disc can cause severe neck pain. Pressure put onto the nerves by a slipped, ruptured, or extruded disc may require surgery to remedy. Usually, arm pain can be managed with surgery, but in some cases, alternatives which require less than surgery are viable and successful. We encourage you to speak with a professional from our staff regarding your eligibility to undergo a surgical procedure for your pain management.

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