Neurological Conditions

Treating Neurological Conditions

Any neurological disorder may be defined as a functional abnormality or disturbance that affects the body’s nervous system. Abnormalities of the brain, spinal cord or nerves can cause life-changing symptoms. Paralysis, seizures, pain, poor coordination, muscle weakness and loss of sensation are all potential consequences of a neurological condition. The field of neurological disorders is highly complex and treatment requires the most experienced surgeons and technologically advanced procedures to meet with success.

Delivering the safest and most technologically advanced neurosurgery to patients throughout Orange County is the primary mission of Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute (CNSI). Our neurosurgeons have diverse backgrounds and experience in this field and are committed to utilizing the latest and least invasive technology for the many types of neurological conditions we treat:

Why work with Chapman Medical Center?

CNSI provides advanced neurological treatment and surgery for patients in the city Orange as well as throughout Orange County. Our patients can rely upon our compassionate care and our dedication to personalized service to properly diagnose and treat all types of neurological conditions. This field is ever-evolving and with technological advances has been made more effective and less invasive for patients suffering from brain tumors and other serious conditions. Our Orange County neurosurgeons are committed to staying abreast of these important developments in order to provide our patients with the most effective care.

A neurological condition will significantly impact the life of the patient and his or her family. If you would like to discuss this matter with an experienced brain surgeon who can explain your treatment options and provide you with an accurate analysis of your condition, discuss the matter with a Southern California neurosurgeon at CNIS.

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