Nerve Impingement

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Nerve Impingement Syndrome (NIS) is a condition in the spine when the bones of the spine-the vertebra-are misaligned and place pressure on a nerve. This condition is sometimes referred to as subluxation. Since the nerves are responsible for transmitting signals throughout the body, when these signals are interfered with, one can experience pain or discomfort in the local area but other symptoms can result in other areas of the body that might not be immediately associated with the spinal condition.

Nerve Impingement Syndrome can be caused by physical trauma to the spine such as accidents, falls, injuries, and blows. But this condition can also be brought about by a poor diet or poor posture. Lack of appropriate exercise can also cause the spine to misalign due to weak muscles. Additionally, life problems such as relationship issues or financial stress can cause events that lead to subluxations.

Treating Nerve Impingement Cases in Southern California

The spine is a delicate system that performs many functions. When its normal function is impaired, the effects can be felt throughout the body. NIS can bring about headaches, mood swings and disorders, sleep disturbances, excessive fatigue, allergies and sinus problems, and even digestive troubles.

A variety of diagnostic measures are available to determine if Nerve Impingement Syndrome is present. X-ray imaging is a common diagnostic tool. A trained specialist can look at an image and usually see any misalignment of the bones of the spine. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used if the x-ray does not clearly show the subluxation but symptoms indicate it is present. Other more advanced procedures can be used to assess electrical activity in a nerve, determine if an infection is present, or reveal microscopic tears in tissues that may be compounding the problem.

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