Micro Endoscopic Surgery Procedure at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute

Micro Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy Procedures in Orange County

When a patient suffers from spinal disc problems, such as a herniated disc, the procedure that has become cutting edge and minimally invasive to patients is micro endoscopic cervical discectomy. The purpose of this type of surgery is to decompress the affected nerves in the cervical spine or remove a herniated disc or fragment.

Prior to this new technology that allows for minimal surgery, a patient suffered from an incision that was several inches long and that required underlying muscles to be exposed and moved aside to reach the spine. This treatment of the muscles is what caused considerable pain following surgery.

With new technologically superior micro instruments, endoscopic surgery allows for a much smaller incision and decreased disruption of muscles and tissue. This can lead to much faster recovery times. The use of micro endoscopic technology provides improved visualization and magnification of the operating site. Whereas the incision for surgery prior to this new technology was several inches long, the incision with micro endoscopic surgery is the size of a dime. Very little muscular movement is required, as the endoscope, which is a micro camera allows for excellent viewing by the surgeon.

After the surgery is performed, which involves removing a herniated disc fragment from the nerve, the incision is stitched and a band aid used to cover the wound. With this considerably less invasive type of surgery, minimal pain results after the surgery and a normal return to work and daily activities can resume within one to two weeks.

Innovative Treatments for Your Spinal Procedure

With innovative treatments, our spinal surgeons provide our patients with the finest care and skill when performing herniated disc surgery. Our focus is on the least invasive procedures to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with this condition.

If you are suffering from spinal pain and you are looking to regain mobility and manage the chronic complications that you are facing, do not hesitate to contact Chapman Medical Center today and speak with a trusted representative from our staff. We can help determine your eligibility to undergo surgical treatments and regain functionality.