Micro Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Providing Relief to Patients in Orange County

Patients suffering from lumbar pain can be severely affected in their quality of life. Prior to the new breakthrough in micro endoscopic lumbar discectomy surgery, a patient could expect to suffer through much pain and up to two weeks in a medical facility. With this innovative and minimally invasive technique, individuals can actually go home the same day of the surgery with minimal pain requiring only oral pain medication for relief.

The purpose of this type of surgery is to relieve compression from the affected lumbar discs or to remove a herniated disc. A small incision the size of a dime is made in the area where the disc is affected. With this new technique, very little muscular dissection is required, avoiding the extreme pain in recovery following this type of procedure.

Once the area is opened, retractors are placed to keep the area open while an endoscope, which is a micro camera, is used to examine the spine and while conducting the surgery. The affected nerve or herniated disc is exposed through small amounts of bone being removed. Once the herniated disc is removed, the incision is closed. Due to its small size, very little scar tissue is left.

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This type of surgery is highly advantageous to patients, as they can recover much more quickly and are able to return to their productive lives in a much shorter time span than with prior surgical techniques. At the Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute, our medical team strives to seek minimally invasive treatments for lumbar pain.

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