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Radiculopathy occurs when pain radiates along the course of the spinal nerve into a lower extremity. The Lumbar refers to the lower spine, lumbar discs have a tendency to become herniated which can impinge on the nerves in the spine and cause radiculopathy.

If vertebrae were to pinch a nerve root in the lower section of the lumbar, pain and numbness might be experienced in the leg and foot.

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Medical practitioners use the term radiculopathy to refer to pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arms or legs which is caused by a problem with the nerve root (located in the spine). Direct pressure or degenerative changes may bring about the inflammation and irritation which causes radiculopathy. It may affect more than one root at a time and manifest itself as pain and numbness in the arms, legs or area of skin which the nerves supply with sensation.

It may affect more than one side of the body at once. A common symptom which may indicate the presence of radiculopathy is sciatica. Sciatica is pain that originates in the spine and radiates downwards towards your feet. Usually sensory symptoms are the first indication of radiculopathy, if weakness is experienced, the nerve compression may be severe. The types of pain experienced from radiculopathy include:

Radiculopathy may cause sensitivity and numbness in the affected areas. Treatment and diagnosis may require a comprehensive physical examination focusing on the back and lower limbs. Your doctor will put specific attention on your ability to use the limb which he/she believes may be affected by the injured nerve root.

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