Kyphosis Treatment

Kyphosis Treatment in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County & San Diego

Most people when viewed from the side have a slight curve of the upper back which is normal and necessary for proper balance and to support the load of the body. Kyphosis means an abnormal curve of the spine. When viewed from the side the upper back appears more rounded than normal. Mild kyphosis in older children is often postural and mildly uncomfortable, easily remedied through strengthening exercises, and will not worsen. In more serious cases of kyphosis the back appears very rounded or to be hunched over and may become progressively dangerous. If you have been diagnosed with kyphosis or your back is growing more obviously rounded or hunched, our medical team is prepared to assist you.

Causes of Kyphosis

This condition can develop from a variety of causes such as endocrine diseases, degenerative diseases, connective tissue disorders, fractures, developmental problems, disc degeneration, infection, trauma, muscular dystrophy, and others, which can lead to not only a worsening of the kyphosis, but may in themselves seriously impact a person’s future. It is critical that the patient receives the benefit of the advanced diagnostic techniques and most current medical treatment at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute. Early detection of any underlying condition can result in a faster and more effective response to treatment. When this exaggerated rounding or hunched back appears in infants or very young children constant monitoring by a qualified physician is important to ensure proper care. Our spine and neurologic physicians and surgeons keep abreast of the most current medical procedures in order to achieve the most positive outcome with each patient.

At Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute our physicians will perform an examination to determine the extent of the curvature and any weakness, or paralysis and any underlying condition or disease. Early determination of the cause of a progressive curvature may be necessary to prolong life or improve the quality of life for the patient. X-ray and MRI are used to locate tumors or other potentially life threatening conditions. Tumors or infections require immediate and aggressive treatment. After careful evaluation our medical team will advise what treatment is recommended for the best outcome. The comfort and well being of a patient is of prime importance to our team.

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