Herniated Disk Treatments in Orange County

How to Determine Herniations

Herniated or slipped disc treatment options are based on each individual’s symptoms and specific injury. A careful physical exam by an experienced spine specialist is usually the first step. Depending on your symptoms and their location, the physician may check for numbness, loss of feeling, strength, weakness, your posture, and how the specific area of injury moves.

The physician may order some diagnostic tests such as an MRI, spine CT, spine X-ray, a nerve conduction test or a myelogram to assist in determining the cause and location of the pain. A spine specialist will work with you to determine the best course of treatment based on your specific needs and the severity of your herniation.

Herniated disc or slipped disc treatment options may begin with rest, medications, chiropractic care, and/or physical therapy, but may also include steriod injections. If these more conservative treatment options are not successful, your spine specialist may suggest a surgical treatment option such as a microdiscectomy.

Discuss Your Symptoms with Chapman Medical Center

Each individual’s symptoms and conditions are specific and unique and need to be evaluated by a spine specialist, in conjuction with the patient, to determine the best course of treatment.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our spine specialists, please contact us or send an inquiry form to the Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute. Scheduling an appointment with our office can provide you with the information you need to help relieve your pain symptoms and begin to move forward with your life. Contact Chapman Medical Center today!