Frequently Asked Questions

What is a neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon is a medical specialist that treats diseases and conditions affecting the brain, spine, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. The neurosurgeons at Chapman Medical Center are fellowship-trained in specific areas of neurosurgical specialty. When you work with our facility, you can be confident that you are in experienced medical professional hands.

Do you take my insurance?

Chapman Medical Center and the neurosurgeons from Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute at Chapman Medical Center accept a variety of insurance plans, including but not limited to HMO, PPO, workers' compensation, and Medicare plans. Our staff would be happy to assist you with this information and determining if your insurance covers our services.

Is spine surgery a covered benefit?

Spine surgery is a covered benefit with most healthplans, but each patient's benefits are unique and you should contact your insurance plan to know what your specific covered benefits are. To determine if your spinal procedure will be covered under your insurance provider's plan, contact Chapman Medical Center today.

What information should I consider when choosing a spine surgeon?

It is always a good idea to do some research about the physician you are working with. It is often important to know what educational background the physician may have, what type of surgical experience they have and if they are fellowship trained as well as what their surgical outcomes are. At Chapman Medical Center's Neurosurgical Spine Institute, we are proud to say that we have highly experienced physicians and surgeons on staff and you can be sure that your medical procedure is being performed my competent medical professionals.

What tests should be done to diagnose my back pain?

Typically, a CT (CAT scan) or an MRI test are ordered to view the structure of your back or neck in an effort to locate the area that may be causing you discomfort.The surgeons from Champan Neurosurgical Spine Institute at Chapman will review the results of these tests with you personally, so that you may actually see the scan of your spine and be afforded the chance to ask the surgeon any questions you may have.

Should I get a second opinion?

It is important for you to be as informed as you possibly can when making a decision to have any type of medical treatment. If a patient feels that they would like to obtain a second opinion before moving forward with medical treatment, then the surgeons from our facility would support that patient's choice.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

Typically, you are able to make an appointment with one of our surgeons within a week of the date of you call. You may also fill out an inquiry form located on our website or contact our office to speak directly with a member from our staff. We would be happy to assist you in scheduling a surgery or appointment.

Can I email you my MRI/CT test results?

It is important for the neurosurgeon working with you to view the actual MRI or X-rays, so they may go over the scan with you and discuss your specific issue, so they will request that you bring your scans to your first appointment so that you can review them together. To schedule an appointment, contact our facility today!

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