Failed Back or Neck Syndrome

Do You Have Questions About Failed Back or Neck Syndrome?

Each year thousands of individuals suffering from back or neck pain undergo surgery to resolve their situation. Sadly, a large percentage of those back surgeries do not achieve the goal, a pain free back. After any surgery a certain amount of pain is expected but if severe pain continues and does not subside, this is called failed back or neck syndrome or post laminectomy syndrome. The situation is life-altering and may be accompanied by or result in various unwanted conditions such as depression or other emotional difficulties, sleeplessness, and inactivity to name a few. If you are experiencing the debilitating effects of this condition our medical personnel are prepared to help you.

Treating Failed Back or Neck Syndrome

This condition needs to be addressed aggressively, correctly diagnosed and resolved. A thorough examination and review will be carried out to determine what the actual cause of the pain is as there can be a number of factors involved. Our medical team at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute understands the disappointment and frustration experienced by a patient with a failed back surgery, and has a whole arsenal of diagnostic tests, to determine the origin of the discomfort.

Causes of this condition which have been identified in some cases are a lingering inflammation, scar tissue, or an unrelated health issue which retards the healing process. Once the cause of the discomfort has been isolated, the most effective treatment for the individual case will be advised. Each of our physicians and surgeons remain thoroughly informed of the latest breakthroughs and most advanced procedures in order to provide the least invasive successful treatment possible.

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