Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment

Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment in Southern California, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego,

Facet joint syndrome is a common condition experienced by many physically active people. Individuals who have been involved in heavy physical labor, active in sports or strenuous exercise may develop this condition. For many the pain can be severe enough to be life changing, affecting not just the individual but also their families. Our medical team understands the stress of having this condition and is prepared to help you.

Facet joints are part of each vertebra which makes bending and turning movements possible. Syndrome is defined as a group of symptoms and signs which together indicate a particular condition. When cartilage which covers one of these joints starts to break down it is called facet joint disease. Symptoms of facet joint disease include pain in the affected joint(s), muscle weakness, swelling, bone spurs, and some loss of range of motion while bending or twisting. Some possible causes of this condition are:

  • Whiplash
  • Other injury or inflammation
  • Infection
  • Poor posture
  • Aging
  • Obesity
  • And more

Our medical team understands that Facet Joint pain in the lower back or neck can be serious enough to change one’s activity level and are determined to provide comfort.

Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment

Effective treatment and resolution of any condition depends upon a comprehensive diagnosis of the condition. It is vital to the patient that a thorough physical examination using the most current diagnostic aids at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute be done. Our medical team will evaluate the results of the examination, along with X-ray, CT scan and MRI and other test results. Once any other possible sources such as an incompletely healed injury, infection or other source have been eliminated, additional testing may be done to verify the diagnosis.

At our facilty we are diligent in keeping current with the latest in treatment and surgical procedures for the benefit of our patients. With the latest advances in medical treatment and surgical techniques there are more effective treatments available now than ever before. This condition may surrender to a variety of non-invasive accepted treatments such as exercise, life style changes, physical therapy, or medication. In serious cases a surgical procedure may be recommended. Once diagnosis is confirmed, our spine and neurologic physicians and surgeons will evaluate and advise the best form of treatment for the case to achieve the most positive outcome.

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