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Compression Fracture Treatment in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County & San Diego

It is estimated that more than 700,000 compression fractures occur annually. Compression fracture usually refers to the spine. These occur more often in older people with osteoporosis, but can occur at any age in any event which involves sudden, high level force such as a fall or auto collision. When a spinal compression fracture is the result of a traumatic injury, likely additional injury to soft tissue is present. Left untreated, further damage may result including possible injury to the spinal cord which is close to the vertebrae. A compression fracture resulting from osteoporosis, may be caused by lifting something heavy, a fall, or any movement which puts more force on the spine than the vertebra can withstand. If you have this injury our medical team is prepared to care for you.

Compression Fracture Treatment

When this injury is suspected, it is important to protect the injured individual from further, perhaps more serious injury, such as a spinal canal compromise, by keeping him or her immobilized on a firm flat surface. Immediately notify emergency personnel and have the injured person transported, as it is important that the patient receive the most advanced treatments and comprehensive care provided by Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute. Our team is caring toward our patients and determined to provide the most advanced care for compression fractures and any accompanying injuries.

Our medical team is current with the latest developments in spinal and neurological treatments and will evaluate the extent of the injury. Once diagnosed these fractures may be successfully treated in various ways depending upon the extent of injury. In some cases a back brace to keep the spine straight and allow healing to occur may be the recommended treatment. When surgery is indicated, our neurologic and spine team will determine and advise the least invasive procedure with the highest rate of success.

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