Brain Trauma Cases in Orange County

How Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute (CNSI) Can Help

Brain trauma cases can be complex and are very individual with regard to the treatment indicated. A closed-head injury can cause bleeding and sudden and sometimes permanent brain damage. Any person who has suffered a blow to the head should be immediately evaluated for brain injury in order to monitor the case and attempt to avoid the damage that can result from the blow.

As the brain bleeds, the pressure builds and the individual can suffer severe and often permanent damage. Our neurologists and surgical team have a variety of tests that can be used to evaluate the degree of brain trauma and determine how the injury should be addressed.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Trauma

After a blow to the head, the victim could suffer from unconsciousness, confusion, loss of memory or could have eyesight problems, changes in hearing or other problem. When a mild or severe concussion has taken place it can be vital that the injury be evaluated with a CT scan. This allows the medical team to determine if there is swelling of the brain or bleeding.

In many cases of brain trauma, the symptoms will subside over a period of 1 – 2 months and the individual slowly regains their original condition. In cases in which the symptoms persist longer, an evaluation should be done at once by our medical team in order to determine if there is a condition that should be addressed medically.

A severe brain trauma will require constant monitoring in order to attempt to avoid the severe damage that can occur to the victim. When the brain is swelling and intercranial pressure is taking place, this is carefully watched over by our medical team to measure the degree of pressure taking place. When the pressure gets too severe, the individual can suffer brain damage, and several medical interventions may be necessary including decompressive craniectomy, in which a portion of the skull is removed to relieve the pressure.

Such cases are very frightening and the medical team at Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute carefully monitors the patient’s condition and provide the highest quality of care and treatment available for our patients suffering from any level of brain trauma.