Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery in Orange County

Southern California Center for Artificial Disc Replacement

Patients who are affected by degenerated discs may suffer from severe and chronic back pain. While some cases of degenerated discs respond to non-surgical alternatives such as medication and physical therapy, some will require surgery. Chronic back pain can be a disabling and interfere with your life tremendously. Thankfully, there are a number of minimally invasive procedures available for degenerative disc problems. Spinal fusion has some shortcomings such as a varying degree of success when it comes to the bone itself actually fusing. It also restricts motion and may cause stiffness.

Due to the fact that so many people have suffered from pain and mobility complications, Chapman Medical Center is proud to offer trusted medical assistance to those needing artificial disc replacement surgeries. Natural intervertebral discs are composed of water and proteins. As we get older, the discs dry out and may develop flaws such as tears and cracks. These discs are referred to as degenerative discs. They may cause pain.

Do you have a degenerated disc?

The benefit of artificial disc replacement lies in the fact that it allows the patient to retain maximum motion in the spine while replacing a degenerated disc that may cause pain and further complications. Optimal candidates for artificial disc replacement are adults who have not yet aged to a point where the bone supporting the discs is no longer stable.

The surgery is performed by making an incision into the abdomen, removing the affected disc and replacing it with a new one. In order to minimize any complications from the surgery, it is important for a surgeon to ensure the patient on which it is to be performed is physically able to withstand the artificial disc and that the disc itself is of the right size. Thousands of patients have reported excellent short-term results from artificial disc replacement. To determine your eligibility to undergo a surgical procedure to deal with degenerated discs, work wtih our facility and trusted spinal surgeons today!

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