Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

When an individual has neck pain that tends to be chronic it can be due to a number of reasons. It is most commonly due to the degenerative changes that occur over time in the discs of the cervical spine and joints between each of the vertebra. However, the pain can be due to fractures or even instability in the spinal area.

Most patients will not require a surgical operation to control the pain, but if it is necessary a surgeon who has extensive skill in the area of neurosurgery may recommend an anterior cervical fusion to help reduce the neck pain.The Chapman Neurosurgical Spine Institute has highly trained medical staff that performs this type of operation regularly in the area of neurosurgery to help control and lessen this type of neck pain.

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is usually done for two reasons; the first to remove pressure from the nerve roots and secondly to stop the motion between two vertebrae that is causing the pain.

Treatments for Cervical Complications

Although the operation may sound complex, it is actually considered one of the most common surgical procedures to do when there are problems in the cervical spine. It is unusual just from the fact that the operation is done from the front of the neck area not the back. Surgery is done to stop the symptoms related to cervical disc disease. These range in progression of the disease from pain, numbness and weakness in areas of the body to problems with motor skills in the hands and the way one may walk.

The surgeon will remove the disc in question under general anesthesia and then fuse the vertebra above and below that disc to either a bone graft or metal plate. The entire purpose of this process is to get the bones to grow together or fuse giving the patient more mobility and halt the degeneration.

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