Acoustic Neuroma

An acoustic neuroma is a non-cancerous (or benign) tumor that affects the vestibulocochlear nerve, which is the nerve that sends the impulses related to balance and hearing and some facial muscles. As the tumor slowly develops over a period of years, the individual begins to experience numerous complications and symptoms that are a direct result of the acoustic neuoroma, including:

  • Difficulties in hearing
  • Ringing in the ears, known as tinnitus
  • Balance problems
  • Facial paralysis
  • Numbess

Although the tumor is benign, it can put pressure on vital nerve channels that can lead to even more serious conditions if it is not treated. At Chapman Medical Center, our trusted medical team of neurosurgeons is experienced in helping patients suffering from this condition.

The testing for this condition include a number of types of procedures, including such procedures as an MRI, an audiogram for a full analysis of the hearing in each ear, CT scans, an auditory brain stem response test to evaluate the transmission of impulses through nerve channels and an Electronystagmography which tests the patient’s balance. We will thoroughly evaluate your condition and determine how to best attempt to resolve this serious medical condition before it worsens and creates even more damage to your facial nerves, hearing or balance.

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Depending upon how far the tumor has advanced, there is a variety of types of surgical techniques that will be used to attempt to resolve the condition and bring the patient back to the condition they enjoyed prior to the tumor affecting their hearing, facial nerves and balance.

A full evaluation of your condition is important to determine the best medical course of action to avoid further nerve damage. It is important that you contact a trusted medical professional from Chapman Medical Center as soon as possible to help ensure that you receive all necessary treatments available to you.